Five ways to raise MS Awareness all year long

  • Published March 22, 2017
Kim Fryling-Resare

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Kim Fryling-Resare

As we’re nearing the end of MS Awareness Month, I just wanted to remind everyone that MS awareness doesn’t just have to happen in the month of March. I know most of you probably do many of these things already but I put together five ways that you can keep the orange flames of awareness blazing all year long!

  1. Wear the MS color. I know orange is not the most flattering of colors but it is definitely eye catching! Simple things like wearing orange, or wearing an orange awareness ribbon, can elicit questions from others and bring up a discussion about multiple sclerosis. People may remark on your splash of orange or your ribbon and that’s the perfect opportunity to educate and spread awareness.

  2. Participate in MS events. Whether by actually taking part in a WalkMS or BikeMS, being a “virtual” participant, or by volunteering your time, these are great community events, not to mention an excellent excuse to get friends and family together for a good cause. Many local chapters of the MS Society have luncheons and dinners as well as other fun events to benefit MS. I even went to a fashion show and a wine-tasting party that raised funds for multiple sclerosis. In my opinion, I think it is so important to have the actual faces of MS represented at these events.

  3. Donate to MS research. Knowledge about epidemiology and treatment of MS has grown by leaps and bounds within the past few decades but of course, there is still much to learn. Donating money towards research is a great way to help us move closer to a cure. Healthgrades offers a list of charities that support MS research including the National MS Society, Race to Erase MS, and other amazing organizations.

  4. Be an MS Advocate. You can become an MS activist through the National MS Society, and even use the patient template letters on LiveWiseMS as guides in writing those important letters to your government representatives.  

  5. Get social about it. Spread the word on social media whether through your own posts or by sharing from reputable sources. Use your social media pages to update others about MS news, facts, and research, or even share how MS directly affects you. (Remember to Get social with LiveWiseMS)

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