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  • Published January 10, 2017
Kim Fryling-Resare

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Kim Fryling-Resare

In this day and age with changing health insurance policies and coverages, I think it is extremely important that we are our own health care advocates. There are times when we may have to speak up and plead our cause as MS patients to insurance plans or elected officials.

Around this time last year, I discovered that one of the medications that I had been taking to help me manage fatigue for multiple sclerosis was no longer being covered by my insurance plan. In addition to writing letters themselves, the MS Clinic and my healthcare provider encouraged me to write a letter to the insurance company urging them to reconsider their coverage policy. At that time, I just went off instinct in crafting the letter and had nothing to guide me on the elements that I should include in this important communication. I have wondered if perhaps I had investigated a little further on what should be included in the letter, the insurance company would have changed its decision to no longer cover this medication.

Because this process can seem rather confusing and overwhelming, the International Organization of MS Nurses (IOMSN) in partnership with Bayer HealthCare is helping you by providing patient template letters that you can use as a guide for communicating with either your health insurance or your elected government representative.

If you do have to write one of these types of letters, I wish you only the best of luck!

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