About Us

It is our goal to promote healthy living, improve quality of life, and enhance patient interactivity.

About Us

Who we are

LiveWiseMS is a unique, trusted resource connecting people living with MS, both patients and care partners, to specific content relevant to their symptoms and conditions.

It is our goal to promote healthy living, improve quality of life, and enhance patient interactivity. Our site contains multiple features for MS patients to investigate and explore as they develop an understanding of their disease and accompanying symptoms.

LiveWiseMS seeks to…

  • Increase your knowledge about MS with information from reliable sources
  • Answer your questions
  • Contribute to your overall quality of life and well-being
  • Empower you and your family to meet and overcome the challenges of multiple sclerosis

What makes LiveWiseMS unique?

LiveWiseMS is not only sourced by trusted medical content but it is reviewed and approved by the International Organization of MS Nurses (IOMSN), a well-respected organization of nurses who focus solely on the care of those affected by multiple sclerosis. These nurses are truly in touch with the experiences of people living with MS.

What are the features of LiveWiseMS.org?

  • Resources – Our Resources section features videos, graphics, and vital patient summaries taken from articles and information from trusted medical journals and textbooks. These condensed summaries give you the information you need and can use to manage life with multiple sclerosis. In addition, all of this information has been reviewed and approved by our editorial board consisting of expert nurses from the IOMSN.
  • Topics – Take advantage of our Topics section to dive deeper into the various symptoms and symptom management that often accompany multiple sclerosis.
  • Community – Always remember that you are not alone. There are many others out there experiencing many of the same things and you can interact with them through our Community section. Whether through our social media pages or through our site forums, you can share insights and support with others.
  • Blog – Receive insight and perspective from our blog authors — both from the nurses at the IOMSN and real people living with MS. You can even submit your questions and have them answered by one of our MS experts.
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We Encourage You To...

Be curious and highly motivated

Feed your appetite for information

Live healthy

Improve your quality of life

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