Merritt’s Neurology

If you are new to this section and have not read the other chapters borrowed from textbooks and manuals written for healthcare professionals, stop and open another chapter instead. We might suggest Neurology for the Non-Neurologist as a good starting point.

If you have read a couple of the other chapters and journal articles and believe that you are ready to jump into this treasure-trove of information, bravo to you! You are about to read one of the flagship textbooks for medical and nursing students.

In the unlikely event that you have taken courses in biology, biochemistry, and anatomy and physiology, the terminology may not trouble you. If, like most of us, you do not have a strong background in the sciences, do not become discouraged by the more technical details of neurochemistry. Instead, enjoy reading the in-depth discussions and beautifully designed tables and charts in this esteemed textbook.

What not to miss:

  1. “Pathobiology:” This is one of the more thorough discussions of the processes underlying MS. As noted above, remember that this textbook assumes a strong science background, so keep your dictionary open and be prepared for slow going. If you find this section overwhelming, skip it and move on to the more understandable discussions of symptoms and management.
  2. “Environmental Influences:” Discussions of these influences can be difficult to grasp. This overview summarizes the thinking of most experts.
  3. “Clinical Manifestations:” This readable and interesting section covers the symptoms of MS. Two particularly insightful discussions are on optic neuritis and bladder dysfunction.
  4. “Diagnosis:” Images showing evidence of MS have been reproduced carefully and show a great deal of detail. Another topic to review in this section is the emerging study of ‘Biomarkers.’

This chapter holds a mammoth amount of information. Read just sections of it, and you will come away with much new knowledge about MS.

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