Gaining assistance and education on achieving optimal activity and continued participation in daily activities

Physical Activity Physical Activity

Combined training improves walking mobility

Walking problems tend to occur among individuals who have lived with MS for a long time.This study examined changes in walking function associated with combined exercise training consisting of aerobic, resistance, and balance activities in persons with MS who had recent onset of gait impairment.

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Fatigue Management Fatigue Management

The effectiveness of a self-management occupational therapy intervention

A variety of strategies, including exercise and drug therapy, can help to manage fatigue. In this article, the authors compare the use of occupational therapy to relaxation therapy for managing fatigue.

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Rehabilitation Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Interventions for the Management of Multiple Sclerosis Relapse

Rehabilitation likely plays a role in managing a relapse and in optimal recovery. Although not everyone who experiences a relapse will require rehabilitation, strategies in addition to drug therapy are needed to decrease residual disability after an MS relapse.

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