LiveWiseMS Newsletter: September 2017

  • Published September 15, 2017
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September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month!

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. It is important that we take this opportunity to shed light on the very serious issue of suicide. We need to be aware of the warning signs and risks so that suicide can be prevented, and people can receive the assistance that they need.

Unfortunately, suicide prevention is an extemely important topic for the MS community since many of us suffer with depression. In fact, according to the National MS Society, depression is "one of the most common symptoms of multiple sclerosis" and "one study found that the risk of suicide was 7.5 times higher among persons with MS than the general population." We need to raise awareness, erase the stigma, and take steps to prevent suicide from happening.

Review additional resources on Emotional Health, Anxiety/Depression, and Pyschosocial Implications.

Below are some of the resources recently added to

Eye movement disorders
Eye movement disorders are common in MS, and these disorders may impair vision. Understanding the nature of eye movement disorders may help your doctor determine a diagnosis and prognosis of MS. This article reviews eye movement disorders in multiple sclerosis.

Cognitive Impairment in Multiple Sclerosis
Between 40 and 65% of people with MS experience some level of cognitive impairment, which includes changes in memory, planning and attention ability, and other mental tasks. This article reviews features of cognitive impairment in MS and the neuropsychological tests that are used to assess cognitive ability.

Vitamin D in Multiple Sclerosis
Compelling evidence suggests that vitamin D is beneficial in MS. This article investigates the relationship between vitamin D levels and MS.

Putting MS back in its place.
It is time to put MS back in its place for now and remember that MS has given me amazing perspective. I value and cherish life and appreciate all that I can still do and accomplish. I had always considered myself healthy and strong in the physical sense but never realized how strong I could be mentally. It is true that we don't know our own fortitude until we are forced to make a decision. Do we let MS define us or do we empower ourselves against it? Read More >>


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