Cooling does help!
Posted: 15 February 2017 10:28 AM
For years I have experienced a worsening of symptoms of my MS when it gets warm. In recent years, I have also noticed that increased activity (enough to 'work up a sweat' ) can do that too. For me that means my vision in my left eye worsens with a loss of color and blurred or double vision. It also means that my left leg stops responding to what I ask it to do as quickly, I can become confused, severely fatigued and have trouble emptying my bladder. We live in a part of the Country where A/C is not the norm in homes or businesses. I would find that after being out in the heat, I seemed to revive if I drank a tall glass of iced water, ran my wrists under cold water or put a cool face cloth on my neck. I tried freezing small ice packs and wrapping them in a bandana and using them as collars and they were great. In 2003 I received my first cooling garments through a grant from the MS Foundation (MSF) and my life changed. I was able to participate in outdoor activities again and be even be more productive in the house when it got too warm.

The MSF traditionally accepts applications for their cooling program between February and the end of May each year. If you think you might benefit from cooling scarves, vests, wraps and more, go to and click on the link for "cooling program" , fill out the short application and choose what you think might be right for you. Good luck and get ready to be in charge again.
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